Stand clear of the closing doors, please, or, things I’ll never forget about my trip

I Googled the term “New York sayings” and that’s the first phrase that popped up. Immediately I heard that subway voice saying it and repeating it over and over. On one of my subway rides several of the other riders said it along with the voice: “Stand clear of the closing doors, please. Stand clear of the closing doors.” I’d love to meet the person who belongs to that voice, it would be almost as good as meeting the person who used to tell the time when you called the Time of Day phone number.

This is Orchard Street. Orchard Street Vendor WEBI love all the suitcases and racks of clothes all over the sidewalk. I found this block on my last day when I was lost, naturally, and trying to find real bagels at Russ and Daughters.

Not only did I find bagels, but also bialys, potato knishes, and chocolate babka. I bought all of that and carried it home in my Tenement Museum shopping bag. I didn’t ask the counter lady’s name, but I loved talking to her. The guy behind her complimented my tattoos, so he’s an alright guy, too.

Russ and Daughters WEB  This is a pop-up store on the corner across from the Tenement Museum. I don’t have the slightest idea what they were selling, but I love the graphic. My fat cat Gus would never be so Rip n Dip Cat WEBrude as to give me the finger but my little kit-cat, Pharaoh, does every chance he gets.

This is Jonas who works at Arancini Brothers Sicilian Rice Balls in Essex Street Market. Jonas WEBIf you’re ever near the Lower East Side, you should go see him, he’s the one who can feed you with a smile.

On my (lost) walking adventure on Saturday afternoon I stumbled upon the John Fluevog store. Yet again, just like in San Francisco, I didn’t get the pair I wanted and am full of shoe regret.Fluevog Store WEB

I have loved Dr.Seuss books forever and couldn’t pass up taking a picture of the street sign. Mulberry StreetWEBA little further down, I finally reached my destination: Rubirosa Risotrante. A slice of supreme and an Italian 51 cocktail was a wonderful late lunch. The bartenders are good looking, too, which is a nice distraction if you are alone and don’t have a book to read.Rubirosas Pizza WEB

Here is what I bought at the Brooklyn Flea. The potatoes were cut in big chunks and fried and served with a dip of spicy sriracha ketchup and dill aioli with diced onions. They were delicious but I could only eat a few and had to throw them in the garbage. I almost cried, they would have been a great snack along about midnight. B Flea Dutch Potatoes WEB


Here’s my venture into Central Park. On Sunday afternoon when I got lost I found myself at Bloomingdales but was too sweaty to go Central PArk WEBinside. I checked my map and walked over to the zoo area of the park. I walked a bit inside but it was getting dark and I really didn’t want to get lost in the park so I rested on these benches a while and walked straight back out the same sidewalk.

This was my fancy dinner at the Grand Central Oyster Bar. I had a fried oyster appetizer and four raw oysters with a Grand Central Stout for dinner. I stopped by the restroom and, no kidding, they had those 1970’s chairs that look like an upturned hand and two couches that were red leather lips.Raw Oysters WEB

Here is a shot of some of my conference friends sitting on the school B Flea Steps WEBsteps at the Brooklyn Flea and another of shoppers taking a break. B Flea More Steps WEBI thought I’d be clever and send this photo to my professor and tell her that I had completed my research and was ready to answer my thesis question: Do public markets serve as place makers for communities and help to define home for residents? “Yes.” World’s shortest thesis right there.

And for my parting picture, one last shot of the public library lion…Library Lion Full WEB

And the super-giant fresh water prawns…Giant Shrimp Chelsea WEB

Oh, I love New York.





2 thoughts on “Stand clear of the closing doors, please, or, things I’ll never forget about my trip

  1. Susan, you did more in a short four days than most people do in New York in two weeks! Me included. Love how you kept getting lost and discovering new and wonderful things. That’s the best kind of exploring in my book.


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